General Liability Insurance in Oak Hill, WV

Clark West Agency Protects Businesses Against the Unexpected

Does your business need general liability insurance? If your business is like most businesses, insurance against the unexpected is very much needed. General liability insurance protects you and your business from claims against bodily injuries and property damage. Clark West Agency offers dependable and affordable general liability insurance for business owners in our service area of Fayette and Nicholas County, WV. To get general liability insurance, give Clark West Agency a call at (304) 465-3636, or you can visit the office at 1558 East Main Street in Oak Hill, WV.

Getting a General Liability Policy is a Responsible Move

General liability coverage exists in a broad range of terms and amounts. At Clark West Agency, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you handpick a policy that covers you without going over your budget. A general liability policy is a responsible move that can more than pay for itself when you least expect it. Whether you want protected against bodily injury, reputational harm, medical payments, or more, Clark West, a Nationwide agent, has what you need.

General Liability Can Cover Circumstances Like:

– Bodily Injury
– Property Damage
– Reputational Harm
– Advertising Errors

– Medical Payments
– Damage to Rented Premises
– Attorney Fees
– Workers Compensation

– Employment-Related Practices Made by Employees (Wrongful Termination, Wrongful Refusal to Employ, Invasion of Privacy, Defamation)
– And More!

You are Covered If a Customer Gets Injured at Your Business

If a customer trips on a fixture at your business, slips on the floor, or hurts their back lifting something, general liability can help with hospital bills and damages. It also covers your business if the customer sues for negligence. Clark West Agency, a Nationwide-affiliated agent, will make sure you are fully covered. Contact us today to get set up with general liability insurance.

Not Everything is Covered

General liability does not cover everything for a business. It does not cover employee injures, punitive damages, automobile accidents, workmanship, intentional acts, or professional mistakes. Ask Clark West if you have more questions about what it does not cover.